Date Transformation

Candle’s on hot date, talking to the camera POV style. She lets out a snort while she’s laughing and tries to keep things moving forward.

All of the sudden she’s a fat blob. She turns into a super dork out of nowhere. Her legs don’t even have shape anymore.

Candle falls on the ground and the transformation to a nerd is complete. 

She pleads with you to still have sex with her. She wants it so bad but she knows that’s unlikely since she’s turned into such an unattractive dork. 

She pleads with you, telling you how when there’s a full moon she turns into a hot chick. Once the clouds part she’ll be hot again.

The transformation back to her being a hot girl starts all of the sudden and her lips get their hot red color back. Her shapely body starts to come back and out of nowhere, the hot chick is back. 

She rides you until she cums and promises to come back next time.