Kendra the Robot

Candle gets home from work and goes right to playing with her Kendra doll. Kendra turns on from slumber mode right away for her.

Her first request to have Kendra take off her shoes. Kendra obeys and rubs her hands all over Candle’s feet and legs. Candle then programs her toy to do a strip tease. Kendra twitches a little, but it’s cute.

Candle can’t believe how lifelike her Kendra doll is. Unfortunately, Kendra starts malfunctioning more and more.

There’s a big problem, Kendra starts humping the bookshelf and making a mess with the books. Kendra gets stuck in a malfunction cycle between sex bot and clinical bot. Candle tries to reprogram Kendra for the sex act she got her for.

Candle strips naked and gets ready, but Kendra completely shuts down. Candle reboots her doll and everything starts working. Candle gets the vibrator out and right when she Kendra about to orgasm, she breaks down again because of a circuit overload.

Kendra snaps out and they make out again. Candle’s really loving it until Kendra bites her breast a little too hard. She can’t take anymore so she puts Kendra in the corner and takes off to look for a new girlfriend.